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Its amazing what a difference a little bit of lighting can make to a room. I’m currently having some electrical work done at my home which includes having some pendant lights put up in the bedrooms and living areas. I can’t believe how much of a difference it has made to the feel of the room. Even the use of different colour filament light globes has transformed the living room, giving it a more moody, homely feel. This is in contrast to the stark feeling the “bright white” down lights was giving off. Partly due to the fact there was nothing to counter the intensiveness of the ultra bright LED’s.

One thing that came to my attention is how important placement of fittings are. I have a 4 pendant light over my dining room table. I initially had them dropped 900mm from the ceiling but they just didn’t balanced between the ceiling and table top. I asked the “sparky” to drop it another 100mm…….what a difference. Everything fell into place, all for the sake of 100mm. I had 3 longer pendant lights installed in the bedrooms and once again 50 to 100mm was the difference between it looking odd to looking great. My suggestion is take your time. 2 minutes trying different heights and positions will make a world of difference.

Now for the downside of all this lovely lighting…..cost! Its not cheap. Those lovely light fittings you see in the display homes look lovely for a reason. One, the decorator has painstakingly selected the right fitting for the right area. Two, THEY COST A FORTUNE. Now whilst expensive doesn’t necessarily mean better, with light fittings, it seems to hold true. I remember going through the lighting shop and narrowing down my selections for each area of the house. Needless to say when everything was totalled up I very quickly established a balance between looks and cost. Its amazing how quickly everything adds up once you start adding in the fancy filament globes. I was looking for the before mentioned dining room table light and bedroom pendants thinking the prices for such large lights wasn’t that bad………..until I realised globes were not included in the price. No big deal I thought. $20.00 should cover the cost of all the globes. Try $20-25 EACH and that was with a discount:( Another bit of advice. Some of the filament globes come with a warranty so hang onto your receipt. The globes I bought come with a 3 year warranty. So I’ll defiantly be dragging that out if any of them blow in that time frame.

To say the end result looks brilliant is an understatement but be prepared to spend a fair bit of coin and time getting it right. Try to establish a balance between cost and looks. I could have easily spent another $500-600 on lights but I honestly don’t believe they look $500-$600 better than what I purchased. So do your homework. Check online pricing but be aware its often time consuming and difficult to deal with online stores especially when returns and warranty issues come up. Have fun people.




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Posted Tuesday August 1st, 2017

WORK WELL UNDERWAY IN JORDAN SPRINGS EAST. Commencement of additional homes in sections 1 and 2 of stage one are moving along well. Frames have started going up in section 1 and we expect Brickies to be onsite very soon. Good news for some of our clients who we had to put through Council. We are currently applying for CC's (Construction Certificates....not the chip😁) so we expect to start those projects very soon.
As an update for Stage 2. We understand that Sydney Water has supplied Council with all the relevant paperwork that has delayed approval for some time now. So next step is submission to LPI. I wouldn't expect it to be held up in there for very long. Stay tuned.
Cheers Scott
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Frames going up. Happy days.

What about austral?

what about riverstone meadows

Jen BalkBalk!!

Gemma Mcleod

Rob Greco

Randhir Singh

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Jandson Homes shared their video.
Jandson Homes

Posted Tuesday July 11th, 2017

Things moving along nicely.

Jandson Homes
Hi All. Very happy to announce we have started the excavation of section 2 of our House and Land Packages. Lots 1146 to 1150 have been fenced off. Clients on Lots 1148 and 1149 will be pleased to know their land was benched today with the remaining lots to commence shortly. Things are moving along nicely. Will keep you all posted.
Cheers Scott
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What a difference!

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